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1960's - 1970

Mr Soegiarto Adikoesoemo, founded Aneka Kimia Raya, as a small chemicals trading business in Surabaya. In 1960, AKR supplied chemicals to Indonesia Companies from domestic and import sources


1970 - 1980

AKR expanded its chemical distribution business and the founder realize the opportunity to import chemicals in bulk and start investing in port facilities including storage tanks and warehouses
On Nov 28, 1977 the business was incorporated as PT Aneka Kimia Raya


1980 - 1990

AKR expands its operations, resulting in new storage tank facilities. AKR become the distributor of PT Asahi Mas Subentra Chemicals for its Chlor Alkali products



AKR move its headquarters to Jakarta from Surabaya



Sorbitol Manufacturing facilities (Sorini) set up in East Java with production capacity of 5,000mt p.a


1990 - 2000

  • October 1994 : AKR concludes its initial public offerings and The Company shares were listed in the Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchange
  • Proceeds from IPO utilised to strengthen the working capital of the Company and expand its distribution network including storage tanks, warehouses and transport
  • During 1994 – 1996 AKR builds 13 storage tanks in Banten, Semarang, Surabaya, Palembang, Medan and Dumai
  • Sorbitol Plant in Java with Towa and Mitsubishi set up in East Java
  • Sorbitol Plant in South China – Khalista Liuzhou Chemical Industries set up
  • Expansion in logistics and trading operations


2000 - 2004

  • Consolidation of Group by acquisition of Sorini and Khalista
  • Conduct of Right Issue I for expansion of Khalista and strengthen the working capital position of the Company


2005 - 2009

  • October 2005, AKR commenced its Petroleum distribution business and become the first private Indonesian company to start import of Petroleum Products
  • 2006 : AKR acquired stake in Guigang River Ports – container, coal and bulk river ports and commenced modernization
  • 2007 : AKR and Royal Vopak sign Joint Venture Agreement for construction and operation of Jakarta Tank Terminal at Tanjung Priok
  • 2008 : AKR commissioned 40,000 KL tank terminal in Stagen, Pulau Laut Kalimantan ; acquired first fuel tanker AKRA 10


2010 - 2014

  • Jan 2010     Right Issue II conducted for development of additional tank terminal facilities and jetties at Stagen, Pontianak, Medan, Palembang and construction of Jetty at Surabaya and for working capital facilities
  • 2010     First Private Company awarded to distribute subsidized petroleum in Indonesia through the operation of the petrol stations for motorists (SPBKB) and for fisheners (SPBN) at 16 locations in North Sumatra, Lampung, South Kalimantan and West Kalimantan
  • Apr 12, 2010    PT Jakarta Tank Terminal first independent import terminal for products in Indonesia opened
  • 2012    The Company implemented an innovative integrated technology system for the monitoring and control of subsidized petroleum distribution
  • 2013    AKR – Pelindo sign MOU for development of Java Integrated Industrial and Port Estate (JIIPE) which integrates industrial estate and deep sea port in Gresik – East Java
  • 2014    The Company was reassigned by BPH Migas to distribute subsidized petroleum during 2014 with allocation of 640.000 KL through 131 petrol stations in North Sumatra, Lampung, Jakarta, Banten, West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, Bali, West Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan and South Sulawesi