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Through its subsidiaries, AKR able to expand its business operation into other industries, diversifying its business risk and maximizing its potential. In China, AKR entered into an agreement with Chinese Government in logistics and coal trading business by acquiring and modernizing 5 river ports in Guigang, China. In Indonesia, AKR invested its capital in tank terminal business by entering join venture agreement with Royal Vopak (PT Jakarta Tank Terminal), acquired adhesive manufacturing business (PT Arjuna Utama Kimia), and also acquired coal mining business in East Kalimantan (PT Anugrah Karya Raya).

Jakarta Tank Terminal
AKR entered join venture agreement with Royal Vopak to build a fuel storage tank terminal at Tanjung Priok port in Jakarta, under PT Jakarta Tank Terminal (JTT). It is one of the largest private tank terminals in Indonesia, with current total capacity of 250,000 KL.
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PT Arjuna Utama Kimia (Aruki)
PT Arjuna Utama Kimia manufactures high quality thermosetting wood adhesives to the nascent plywood & woodworking industry of Indonesia. The company supplies its products to wood and paper making industries.
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Guigang Port
AKR Acquired five river ports in Guigang China in 2006, Guigang port acts as a hub port in South west china which serves a large hinterland, rich in mineral resources, including Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan and Yunan.
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AKR Guigang Coal Trading (Guigang Coal)
In 2009 AKR started its coal trading in Guigang port China under AKR (Guangxi) Coal Trading Co. Ltd.
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PT Anugrah Karya Raya (AKR Coal)
The acquisition of shares in PT Anugrah Karya Raya is a step towards sourcing quality, low sulfur coal from Indonesia, which can be distributed by PT AKR's subsidiary in Indonesia and China.
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