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Java Integrated Industrial and Ports Estate (JIIPE)

Java Integrated Industrial and Port Estate (“JIIPE”) is a project that is designed to be one of the largest integrated industrial, residential and deep sea port estates with development area totalling close to 3.000 ha. Its key objective is to contribute to lower logistic cost by providing competitive energy and it supports the Indonesian companies to be global suppliers utilizing JIIPE’s deep sea port.

JIIPE aims to become a strategically-located industrial estate, complete with supporting facilities and infrastructure. In addition to a deep water port in the complex, the location has direct access to the major toll road network that connects most cities in East Java, arterial road, railway system and air transport access (Juanda International Airport). The estate is also located 30 kilometers from the city of Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia.



For further details about JIIPE, please visit www.jiipe.com, or download our catalog below

Business Model

Key Objective Of JIIPE :

  • contribute to lower logistic cost of indonesia
  • provide competitive energy
  • support indonesian companies to be global supplies utilizing jiipe's deep sea port


  • JIIPE Project business plan is to create value to stakeholders in the long run
  • Real estate sales will generate significant and profitable revenues
  • Plans to build power generation plants, LNG receiving terminals and coal distribution facilities jointly with partners
  • Opportunity to enter into new business such as gas distribution and expand current business
  • Envisages a recurring and superior revenue stream comprising of:

    • Distribution of energy, raw materials and products
    • Recurring income from Industrial Estate
    • Logistics income from warehousing, railway terminal operations, port operations
    • Fees and other income from provision of utilities

Overall a Superior Return to Stakeholders


Shareholder Structure
Progress Development

Access Road

Marketing Office

Tenant construction progress