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Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE)

Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) is the main priority of the Company and its subsidiaries in daily operations.

The Company regularly conducts refreshment training to ensure that the Company’s SHE slogan, “Safety is Our Way of Life”, is completely understood and implemented in the Company’s daily activities.

The Company’s high commitment in occupational safety is figured by the establishment of “Six Zeroes” targets of SHE implementation surrounding the Company, namely:
1. Zero Fatality (accident resulting in loss of life)
2. Zero Lost Time Injury (occupational accident resulting in loss of time)
3. Zero Cross Over (customer orders are swapped or mixed up)
4. Zero Product Quality Problems (problems with product quality)
5. Zero Spillage (product spills during loading and unloading)
6. Zero Potential Fatality Accident (occupational accidents resulting in possible loss of life).

The SHE standard operation procedure is the reference for conduct and is continuously evaluated and improved to adjust to the latest developments and higher required safety standards.

Compliance to the above SHE SOP is the responsibility of all of the Company’s stakeholders including employees, contractors, suppliers, business partners and visitors.

The professional sustainable SHE training team conducts a continuous audit and SHE development with the objective of achieving continuous improvement in working methods. Based on the audit results gathered in mid-2011, all of the Company’s facilities including tank terminal facilities, ports, jetties, trucks, tankers, barges and manufacturing production facilities complied with the Government’s standards of safety and environmental regulations, as well as to international safety standards.