PT Jakarta Tank Terminal (JTT) is a joint venture company founded by Dutch Royal Vopak (49%) and PT AKR Corporindo Tbk (51%) - to operate as an independent petroleum storage facility, at the port of Tanjung Priok. 

With total storage capacity of 351,425 CBM, this facility stands as one of the biggest private storage facilities in Indonesia. In an effort to accommodate convenient loading and unloading processes (of oil), JTT also owns its individual shipping docks, undersea pipes, and jetty infrastructures. This enables shorter transit period for cargo delivery from the region – for example, cargo delivery to Singapore, is completed within two days. 

Till date, the facility has enabled PT JTT to maintain top quality services for some of the world’s renowned oil companies, as well as expediting the fuel distribution capability of the company. The strategic location of the terminal reduces the overall delivery time of fuel oils to retail and industry customers - in and around Jakarta. In addition, the back-loading facilities provide opportunities for product transit to Indonesia’s various islands.