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PT AKR Corporindo Tbk

Resilient and Strong Business Portfolio

AKR understands that business resilience is one of the most important aspects in achieving sustainability. Therefore, we have instigated a number of strategies to ensure the Company’s can survive during increasingly complex situations, challenges and dynamics. Overall, AKR’s attention to business resilience has helped the Company to overcome many obstacles and barriers.

AKR’s business resilience focus has helped the Company maintain position its as a leading provider of logistics and supply chain solutions in Indonesia. Through diversification, supply chain resilience, business continuity planning, and technology adoption, AKR has built a solid foundation for a successful sustainable future.

In the 1960s AKR started its business journey in Surabaya trading basic chemicals. Over time, AKR grew and moved forward, and our business portfolio has grown from logistics and distribution, and industrial estates, to the development and management of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

Improvements to work processes, human resources and information technology continued to be made and improved. The Company also began to focus on developing the potential for domestic business. As a result, in 2018, AKR returned a good performance after implementing a portfolio reconsolidation, expanding its logistics infrastructure, establishing a strategic partnership with BP, and developing recurring income from JIIPE.

From its establishment until today, AKR has continued to grow, adapt and transform according to the times, and has sought to strengthen its competitiveness through the management of its potential and competitive advantages.