PT AKR Corporindo Tbk. offers logistic services in Indonesia, including storage tank terminal, land and sea transportation, and port handling. The services are offered by AKR and its subsidiaries, namely PT Jakarta Tank Terminal (JTT), PT Andahanesa Abadi, PT AKR Sea Transport, PT AKR Transport Indonesia, and PT Usaha Era Pratama Nusantara.

AKR’s port logistic operations are supported by logistic equipment, such as harbor mobile cranes, trucks, hoppers, grabs, forklifts, loaders, shore cranes, excavators, stackers, conveyors, and weighbridges.

The logistic business is an integral part of AKR's trading and distribution business that enables the company to deliver petroleum and chemical products to its customers across the country. Additionally, AKR and its subsidiaries also provide logistic services for third parties.

In addition, AKR entered a joint venture agreement with Royal Vopak, the world's largest independent tank terminal operator, to build a fuel storage tank terminal at Tanjung Priok port in Jakarta, under the name of JTT. The company owns 51% of JTT shares. The terminal that is equipped with a jetty and undersea pipeline started operating on June 2010. This strategic asset will not only enhance the company infrastructures in petroleum distribution, but it will also generate additional sales revenue contribution to the company. The excess capacity of the tank terminal will be leased to the major domestic as well as multinational oil companies and traders.

The company's logistic infrastructure in Indonesia consists of:

Quantity / Capacity
Tank Terminal Storage
Self-Propelled Oil Barges (SPOB) and Tanker
± 250
Widespread Infrastructure Networks in Indonesia