Java Integrated Industrial and Ports Estate (JIIPE)

JIIPE is the first integrated estate in Indonesia, with total area of 3,000 hectares, consisting of industrial estate, multipurpose port, logistic center, bonded zone, leisure area, commercial area, and residential township. Located in Gresik, JIIPE will be the most strategic industrial hub in Indonesia. 

With 1,761ha area for industrial estate, 400ha for multipurpose ports, and 800ha for residential township, JIIPE offers 3 modes of transport to reach domestic and global international market; from a deep sea port at your doorstep, 3.5 Km from Manyar Toll Gate, and the new Direct Toll Railway in 2020. Located strategically in the mouth of Madura Straits, our attached port will be the deepest port in East Java (-16 LWS). with 4 jetties and 6,200m total berth area, JIIPE could cater capsize vessels up to 100,000 DWT.

The main purpose of JIIPE is to make a positive contribution towards efficiency of logistic cost. This estate combine complete infrastructure, which include deep sea port, dry port and direct toll access as ways of transport to domestic and international market. Public Private Partnership JIIPE is a PPP project between PT. AKR Corporindo Tbk and Pelindo III, through their subsidiaries, to maximize the synergy and sustainability of the project. 


Currently, JIIPE has obtained integrated ISO certification for its utilities businesses after 8 months audit process and overall organizational review. This integrated ISO certificate provides an international standard guarantee that BKMS has implemented the principles in The System of Quality of Service and Organization Management, Environmental Management, also Occupational Health and Safety Management.

A. Industrial Estate

JIIPE industrial estate is an eco-friendly environment of 1761-hectare area, offering complete utilities and amenities. This integrated flood-free complex with lush and green residential estate and deep-sea port is located strategically to be trading hub and manufacturing center for Indonesia and Asia Pacific. 

Industrial Estate Products:

Industrial lots for heavy, medium and light industries, Bonded Logistic Center, Bonded Warehouse, Single window processing system and Immediate Single window processing system and Direct Construction License (KLIK), full services utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water Supply, Solid Waste Management, and Waste Water Treatment Plant).

Domestic and International Connectivity (Lowering logistic cost)

Deep-sea port –16 LWS
Direct toll road connection from Surabaya as the second largest city in Indonesia
Direct double track railway access, connected to access points in Java Island.

Complete Facilities and Infrastructure

International standard road system, ROW 80m, 50m, 30m
Lots for heavy, medium and light industries
Office building and commercial area
Direct piping connection
Bonded Logistic Center
Bonded Warehouse
Single window processing system for easier business
3 Hour Investment Licensing Service.

B. Port Estate

 400ha integrated deep seaport estate strategically located in Madura Strait, with 6200m total berth length, sea water depth of jetty at -7.00 LWS, -11.00 LWS, -14.00 LWS, and -16.00 LWS, this port could cater capsize vessel until 100,000 DWT and a part of greater Surabaya port district.

Quality management: ISO 9001

Environmental management: ISO 14001

Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series: OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001

-14 LWS, 13 LWS, and -7 LWS and will be dredged until -16 LWS in 2018 with total length of quay area at 6200m
Energy Terminal: Coal terminal, Oil & GAS, LNG terminals
Storage tank, Storage yard & Cold Storage facility for rental
An efficient and simple process of customs procedure include Bonded Zone (Custom & Quarantine)
Services: conveyor system, piping system, water supply system.

Facilities Ports & logistics multi service for:

Freight, Dry Bulk
General Cargo
Container Yard
Multipurpose Fishing Industry
Liquid and Gas
Bonded Logistic Center
Offshore Maintenance

For further details about JIIPE, please visit www.jiipe.com, or download our catalog below.

JIIPE Catalogue

Key Objectives of JIIPE:
o Contribute to lower logistic cost of Indonesia
o Provide competitive energy
o Support Indonesian companies to be global suppliers using JIIPE's deep-sea port

o Create value for stakeholders in the long run
o Generate significant and profitable revenues through real estate sales
o Build power generation plants, LNG receiving terminals, and coal distribution facilities jointly with partners
o Take the opportunity to enter into new business such as gas distribution and to expand current business
o Envisages a recurring and superior revenue stream comprising of: 
        - Distribution of energy, raw materials and products
        - Recurring income from industrial estate
        - Logistics income from warehousing, railway terminal operations, port operations
        - Fees and other income from provision of utilities

Illustration of Superior Return to Stakeholders