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Innovation to Serve The Nation

In the midst of high logistics cost in Indonesia, PT AKR Corporindo Tbk offers various innovations to provide competitive logistics services. The Company is ready to support industrial development in Indonesia to become more competitive domestically and internationally. In order to achieve sustainable growth, the Company is committed to continuously produce innovations to create value for all stakeholders. 

News Update
08-05-2015 AKRA Announces Dividend of Rp 80 per share for the Year 2014
08-05-2015 Summary of Minutes of 2015 AGM & EGM
07-05-2015 Announcement of Meeting’s Resolution and Dividen Payment
07-05-2015 Summary minutes of AGMS and EGMS
29-04-2015 Additional Information Disclosure regarding MSOP 2015 Program
21-04-2015 Explanatory Statement for AGM & EOGM 2015
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