PT. AKR Corporindo, Tbk

AKR Corporindo break through the Top-Ranked Indonesia Best Business Transformation 2023 according to SWA Magazine

August 30, 2023

JAKARTA, 30 August 2023 – PT AKR Corporindo (BEI stock code: AKRA.IJ) received award from SWA Magazine on 30 August 2023, as Indonesia Best Business Transformation 2023 with predicate Excellent. This award was given as an appreciation to the Company who has been successfully carrying business transformation by demonstrating clear vision, strong leadership, as well as agility and ability to adapt in business dynamics. The Company’s Corporate Secretary representative received this award directly in a prestigious ceremony that held in Shangri-La Hotel – Jakarta, and it was broadcasted live via SWA Media Inc YouTube channel.

The selection process of Indonesia Best Business Transformation Award involved the jury from professionals, including the former President Director of PT Pertamina - Mr. Elia Massa Manik, Director of Partnerships from University of Indonesia (UI) - Mr. Dr. Toto Pranoto, APBI ICMA Advisory Board Member – Mr. Milawarma, and SWA Group Senior Editor – Mr. Edhy Aruman. The assessment was conducted from material about transformation that was submitted by the Company, then continued by presentation and discussion with the jury. There were 16 companies invited to the award ceremony, and the Company managed to achieve the 4th highest score: 91.08 with Excellent predicate.

As a management expert from UI, Mr. Toto Pranoto perceived PT. AKR Corporindo Tbk. as a prominent participant in terms of success in carrying out business transformation. "The company started its business as a chemical distributor, then was able to develop in an integrated manner became oil and gas supplier business and integrated industrial estate provider. We consider the Company's business growth to be expansive but still prioritizing local workers. And the Company has succeeded in developing new businesses into growth engines outside the core business."

On a separate occasion, Mr. Haryanto Adikoesoemo expressed his appreciation, "This award is a testament of AKR's commitment to continuously doing innovation in line with changes that occur in the Company's business environment. Be Entrepreneurial and Agile are Company values that we have embedded in running our day-to-day business. With continuous innovation, we have succeeded in achieving consistent growth, both during the pandemic and post-pandemic. This is also a valuable appreciation for the entire Company's management team so that we can continuously adapt with the future business challenges."

Corporate Secretary
PT AKR Corporindo Tbk