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BP-AKR launched new fuel in Indonesia “bp Ultimate with ACTIVE technology”

November 02, 2022

Jakarta, 2 November 2022 - PT Aneka Petroindo Raya (JV BP-AKR), a joint venture established by bp and PT AKR Corporindo Tbk (AKRA), again demonstrates one of its commitments to the Indonesian consumers by introducing a new high-quality product, "bp Ultimate with ACTIVE Technology".


“bp Ultimate with ACTIVE technology" is a new innovation fuel designed to clean and protect car engines against dirt build-ups to help improve efficiency and maintain the vehicle at its best performance. 

President director of BP-AKR, Peter Molloy, said during the inaugural event that "BP-AKR is totally committed to supplying quality fuels that fulfills the requirement of today’s vehicle technology innovation." The launch of "bp Ultimate" into the market reflects BP-AKR’s dedication to meet Indonesia's growing demand for high-quality fuels, along with the country's expanding vehicle population and rising public awareness of the need of high-quality fuels for automobiles.

Mr. Haryanto Adikoesoemo, President Director of PT AKR Corporindo Tbk

in the bp Ultimate product launch event

“It is our commitment to our customers in Indonesia that BP-AKR will keep working to make its products and services accessible to a larger range of people by gradually expanding the network of high-quality service stations”, said Peter Molloy. "We will continue to invest in the development of high-quality products and services that meet the changing expectations of our customers”.

The flagship gasoline product of BP-AKR, bp Ultimate, features a technically more advanced formulation of ACTIVE technology that was specifically developed to remove harmful dirt that are accumulating mostly on engine critical components including intake valves. In addition to its cleaning capabilities, bp Ultimate's innovative formula also helps prevent new dirt from building up inside the car engine. Hence, using bp Ultimate gasoline will make engines more responsive, improve fuel efficiency, and maintain vehicles at maximum engine performance.

Peter Molloy, president director of BP-AKR at the bp ultimate product launch

"bp Ultimate with ACTIVE Technology" is designed for all gasoline vehicles, old and new models, 2 and 4-wheelers, and is adjusted in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation.

Vanda Laura, Marketing Director of BP-AKR explained, “The newest fuel provided by BP-AKR is the result of years of research and development by bp fuel experts in the UK. Numerous users in numerous countries have utilized bp Ultimate fuel. We are pleased to introduce our new advanced product with superiority to provide engine protection for the vehicle. The addition of bp Ultimate in our portfolio will broaden the selection of high-quality fuels available at BP-AKR service stations.”

Vanda continued, “In the Greater Jakarta region, all BP-AKR service stations serve our new product, bp Ultimate. We are very confident that this top-class product will live up to the high standards that fuel users expect for their vehicles.”

Following the introduction of the premium fuel, BP-AKR is also providing users of bp Ultimate with an exciting promo program. Car owners can receive 2 liters of gasoline for free with every purchase of 25 liters of bp Ultimate, while motorbike riders can benefit from a discount voucher worth Rp. 5,000 for a minimum purchase of 3 liters of bp Ultimate* (terms and conditions apply). This promotion is available from November 1 to December 31, 2022.

BP-AKR Presenting the Coffee Shop “wild bean cafe”

To improve service quality and provide convenience for its customers, BP-AKR has developed modern service stations that provide solutions to meet consumer needs in one visit. BP-AKR service stations not only offer quality fuels, but also services and various modern facilities ranging from mini markets, coffee outlets, quick services restaurants, water and air filling stations, comfortable prayer rooms, clean toilets, to e-money top-up facilities, Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and two-wheelers EV battery swap at selected locations.

BP-AKR introduced "wild bean cafe", a coffee shop serving varieties of coffee 

and meals with a blend of Indonesian flavors.

Stated Vanda Laura “We realize that people's needs and lifestyles are constantly evolving. BP-AKR, which is focused and committed to providing the best for customers through its products and services, has also introduced a wild bean cafe coffee shop at bp Pangeran Antasari service station, South Jakarta in early October 2022. wild bean cafe is a bp brand coffee outlets that are already operating in 11 countries in Europe, Asia, and South Africa. In Indonesia, wild bean cafe located at bp Pangeran Antasari service station became the first coffee shop, owned and managed by BP-AKR.”

Vanda Laura invites customers to experience a variety of coffee, made from 100% selected local coffee beans. wild bean cafe offers meals with a blend of Indonesian flavors in addition to its selection of coffee drinks.

"BP-AKR is committed to continuously serving Indonesian community and become their most enjoyable travel companion (#TemanPerjalanan) with the presence of our new products." Vanda Laura elaborated.

Since its first site operation in 2018, the number of service stations operated by BP-AKR has grown steadily and to date have operated 34 service stations in total, located throughout Greater Jakarta (Jabodetabek) and East Java region. BP-AKR is highly optimistic about business growth in Indonesia and therefore invites both individual and corporate investors to join and be part of bp fuels retail business partners in Indonesia. In addition to allowing partners to develop their properties, BP-AKR also provides support entirely from the planning process, and development to operation, as well as ensuring that the team is qualified to deliver services that are up to par with operational standards.

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