PT. AKR Corporindo, Tbk

AKR Corporindo recognized as the Most Valuable Brand in Indonesia with Predicate of Top 10 Fastest Growing Brand

September 29, 2022

JAKARTA, September 29, 2022 – PT AKR Corporindo (IDX stock code: AKRA.IJ) proudly received award as the Most Valuable Brand in Indonesia from Brand Finance on September 28, 2022. AKRA's ranking as the Most Valuable Brand in Indonesia has risen to rank 42 with additional predicate as Top 10 Fastest Growing Brand. Through the event of “The 10th Brand Finance Indonesia – Top 100 Most Valuable Brands Award” entitled Recovering and Growing, it was conveyed that PT AKR Corporindo Tbk, has successfully managed its brand value and achieved this following performance:

  • Brand Value                      : USD 182 million, with 51.5% BV increase
  • Brand Strength Index (BSI): 63.2/100, with 3.1 BSI increase
  • Brand Rating                     : A+

Brand Finance conducts the world's largest brand valuation study every year, ranking more than 5000 of the largest brands in 22 countries worldwide across all sectors and geographies. The Brand Finance assessment uses the Brand Value methodology, by reviewing how the Brand impacts on profitability under the sector compared to generic brand. Then Brand Strength is analyzed based on 3 core pillars; 1) Input: activities that support future brand strength, 2) Equity: current brand perception, 3) output: brand-related performance such as market share. Through Berita Satu Live channel, Sutan Banuara - Director of Brand Finance Indonesia stated, "A brand in addition to provide identity of company, must also be maintained so that it remains relevant, valuable, integrated, and excellence, so that it can provide benefits to costumers".

President Director of AKRA Mr. Haryanto Adikoesoemo appreciated the brand assessment, "As a leading private company that provides end-to-end supply chain logistics services, AKRA's brand value assessment lies in customer and stakeholder satisfaction. During the pandemic, the strength of AKRA in extensive infrastructure and transportation network supported by IT technology, allows AKRA to maintain the distribution of our products to industrial and retail customers without disruption. Java Integrated Industrial and Port Estate (SEZ JIIPE Gresik) has also made significant progress in attracting investment and it is ready to support national industry in achieving high competitiveness. A recognition as the Most Valuable Brand with predicate of Top 10 Fastest Growing Brand, gives us confidence in utilizing PT AKR Corporindo Brand as a strategic asset to grow sustainably”.

“AKRA has successfully maintained positive performance from time to time, and always grabs new opportunities and adapts to the needs of customers and stakeholders. AKRA's branding strategy is by integrating the company’s competitive advantage in logistic infrastructure and sustainability initiatives which supports the national industry. This award gives us solid motivation to maintain and boost our Company’s growth and giving positive impact to the Indonesian economy.”

Corporate Secretary
PT AKR Corporindo Tbk