Good Corporate Governance

GCG Assessment

The implementation of GCG within AKR continues to show excellent improvement. It also received appreciation from independent institutions  through the following awards and recognitions:

  1. Top 50 Big Capitalization Public Listed Company 2022 – IICD
  2. Indonesia Respectful Legend Companies
  3. ASIA MONEY AWARD 2022 Most Outstanding Industrial Company in Indonesia
  4. Winner of the 2022 Corporate Emissions Transparency Award, in the IssuerSector category with a GOLD Title
  5. The Best Oil and Gas Company - Bisnis Indonesia Awards 2022
  6. BPH Migas Award 2022 For category of Compliance with Provision on Fuel Operational Reserves
  7. 1st Best Indonesia GCG 2023 , Category Public Company - Wholesale (Asset Rp 1T - Rp5T), by Economic Review
  8. Indonesia Excellence GCG Awards 2023 - AKRA Managing a High Level of Company Performance in GCG Ethics, by Warta Ekonomi
  9. 1st Best Indonesia Enterprise Risk Management 2023, Category Public Company - Wholesale (Asset Rp 1T - Rp5T), by Economic Review