Good Corporate Governance

Code of Conduct

Business ethics are an integral part of corporate governance to achieve success in the long-term. Code of ethics is a code of conduct used as the reference for company employees in implementing corporate values, in which implemented on an ongoing basis, will become a corporate culture.

Principles of Code of Conduct

The principles of the Company’s code of conduct are as follows:

  1. Compliance with Company regulations. Company regulations must be upheld and complied by all employees. Violation of any rules or orders may result in  warning to termination.
  2. Compliance to avoid conflict of interest. In any conflict of interests, the decision taken by the employee must be made by prioritizing interests of the Company.
  3. Obligation to maintain company confidentiality. All employees are not allowed to disclose any information that could negatively affect the Company.
Code of Conduct Applies to Every Level in the Company

All employees at all levels of the Company are committed and responsible in implementing the code of conduct consistently. Board of Directors and the Audit Committee has also emphasized the importance of code of conduct for the sustainability of the Company’s business. 

Dissemination of Code of Conduct

The media to disseminate code of conduct to all individuals of the Company are as follows:

  • Company website
  • Annual report
  • Newsletter
  • Pocket books
  • New employee orientation material
Enforcement and Sanction for Violation of Code of Conduct

Every employee is required to sign code of conduct when he joined the Company and execute it on the day-to-day activities. The Company periodically helds events to enforce code of conduct for employees. Violation of code of conduct may result in warnings to termination of employment.

Corporate Values
  • Be Entrepreneurial means take risk, focus on what is important, do the right thing.
  • Collaborate means blame is not failure, it is for failing to help or ask for help.
  • Reward for Performance means pay fairly, decide on facts not opinion and communicate responsibly.
  • Be Agile means open to change, take on new challenges, adopt new ways of working, change roles.
  • Empower Your Team means give people benefit of the doubt and set them up for success.
  • Zero Tolerance means non-negotiable on integrity, safety and harassment.