Good Corporate Governance

Principles of GCG

AKR’s corporate governance (GCG) framework is based on the principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, as well as fairness and equality.

The Company always provides material and relevant information in a way that is easily accessible and understood by stakeholders. The Company also always discloses matters required by laws and regulations and which are important to stakeholders.
The Company can account for its performance in a transparent and fair manner through proper management of the Company in accordance with the interests of the Company while taking into account the interests of Shareholders and other Stakeholders.
The Company complies with laws and regulations and carries out responsibilities to the community and the environment so that long-term business continuity can be maintained and the Company can be recognized as a good corporate citizen.
The Company is managed independently so that each organ of the Company does not dominate each other and cannot be intervened by other parties.
Fairness & Equality
The Company always makes available access to information and opportunities for Stakeholders to provide input and express opinions for the interests of the Company. The Company provides equal and fair treatment to Stakeholders in accordance with the benefits and contributions given to the Company. In addition, the Company also provides equal opportunities in employee recruitment and careers regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, and physical condition.