Good Corporate Governance

ESG Committee Charter

PT AKR Corporindo Tbk ("The Company") as a listed Company on the Indonesian capital market, is required to implement Sustainable Growth Strategy in order to create sustainable economic growth by synergizing economic, social and environmental interests. In implementing Sustainable Strategy, the Company is required to prepare a Sustainable Action Plan which contains achievements, vision, mission, goals, and programs to be implemented with specific time target.

In implementing ESG practices, especially in terms of monitoring and ensuring the implementation of sustainable business strategy, The Board of Directors intend to establish the Company's Environmental, Social, and Governance Committee.

This charter aims to stipulate the roles and responsibilities, the authority, and the membership of the ESG committee of PT. AKR Corporindo Tbk.

The Purpose, duties, and responsibilities of the ESG Committee are to assist The Board of Directors and Commissioners in discharging its oversight responsibilities related to ESG matters, which are defined to include topics such as climate change impacts, energy, and natural resources conservation, environmental and supply chain impacts, energy, and natural resources conservation, environmental and supply chain sustainability, human rights, diversity and inclusion, and other ESG issues that are relevant and material or the Company, provide guidance to the Board of Directors & Commissioners on the aforementioned matters,and perform an oversight role in shaping the Company ESG Strategy. 

The ESG Committee is established by the Board of Directors of the Company to assist the Board of Directors & Commissioners in monitoring and evaluating the implementation of AKR's sustainability commitments. The AKR ESG Committee will work with the task force in determining the sustainability strategy, formulating targets, conducting an impact and risk assessment of the strategy implementation based on standards in the applicable laws, regulations, and policies.

Implementation of commitments and development for AKR's sustainability strategy will be carried out in two-ways communication, synergizing between the ESG Committee and the task force. The ESG Committee provides recommendations to the highest level on ESG task force, while the task force also provides reports based on facts that occurred.