Good Corporate Governance

Whistleblowing System & Anti Corruption Policy

The Company is committed to implementing the principles of good corporate governance in order to achieve Company goals that are in line with the Company’s vision and mission. To ensure the achievement of the objectives of the implementation of governance, one of the methods is the application of the whistleblowing system (WBS).

The Company has implemented the whistleblowing system since 2013. The whistleblowing system is a means of communication for internal parties and external parties of the Company to report fraud or violations committed by perpetrators within the Company. Reporting must be based on good faith and not constitute a personal complaint or based on bad will/slander.

In 2020, the Company improved the whistle blowing system by changing the reporting channel that was previously via telephone, now a website/online form-based reporting system has been created. With this system, it is hoped that it can optimize the whistle blowing system reporting process in the Company without fear of becoming a victim, discrimination, or experiencing loss. Guidelines for implementing the whistle blowing system policy were signed on November 25, 2020.

Reporting of Violations as Stated on Pact of Integrity

In accordance with the integrity pact signed by all employees, partners, and suppliers of goods and services for the Company, any indication of fraud must be reported online by filling in the report form via a link located on the Company’s website

Grievance Handling and Party Management

Each report will be addressed and received directly by the President Director of the Company. The follow-up to the complaint is handled carefully with reference to the applicable provisions in the Company and the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia by the internal team (WBS management unit) established by the Company’s management. Communication with the whistleblower will be carried out confidentially by the whistleblower protection officer. This communication is made when information or clarification is needed for further investigation.

Violation Reports in 2020

There was no reports received by the Company during 2020