Good Corporate Governance

Investor Relations

The Company’s Investor Relations Department actively communicates with investors and shareholders, participates in road shows and investor meetings. The Company’s Investor Relations Department maintaining two-way communication between external stakeholders and Management. This is accomplished using a variety of channels and programs. We interact directly through:

  1. Participation in public exposes,
  2. Attendance in conferences, non-deal roadshows, and meetings with brokers,
  3. Holding quarterly performance achievement briefings,
  4. Face-to-face meetings with existing and potential shareholders, and
  5. Visits to our operating locations

Through these activities, the Company also answers questions and explains the significant trends and strategies to meet the needs of investors. Investor Relations Department is in charge of providing better access to information about the performance of the Company to the investment community and external stakeholders.

In addition, we utilize websites, regular emails and other social media platforms to disseminate publicly available information. The Company is very careful in ensuring that the information presented is complete and available to all stakeholders simultaneously.

The following are the main Investor Relations programs implemented during 2021:

  1. Presentations for Retail Investors
    We work closely with brokers and practitioners as well as capital market trainers/influencers to reach a large number of retail investors. We attended 39 virtual meetings with 100 - 1,000 live attendees and over 1,000 hits.
  2. Broker Conferences for Institutional Investors
    Attended 39 events with participants from Indonesia and abroad.
  3. Quarterly Analyst Briefing
    Held 4 times (Full Year 2020 Results, Q1 2021, Results, Q2 2021 Results, Q3 2021 Results).
  4. IDX Public Expose
    Attended on September 8, 2021 with a total of 174 participants, with reruns being watched more than 200x.
  5. Virtual Site Visit
    During 2021 there will be no physical site visit. We received a site visit from a Certified Securities Analyst Institution. On August 25, 2021, there were 52 participants
  6. Social Media
    We actively maintain relationships with stakeholders by using social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, as well as interviews via Clubhouse
  7. Website Updates
    IR Division has released news for 2020, providing information on current events, as well as a brief analysis of quarterly financial results. In addition to news, IR division also constantly updates the contents of other menus whenever there is new information.