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PT AKR Corporindo Tbk

Customer Satisfaction

AKR is committed to providing the best service to customers oriented towards customer satisfaction. When carrying out operational activities, we always prioritize a customer-centric approach, and the Company always tries to cooperate and establish two-way communication with its customers in order to understand their needs. AKR’s goal is to provide solutions that suit all of its customers’ needs, and to provide an optimal service using technology, innovations, quality control, and after-sales support.

AKR uses a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage the interactions and relationships with customers. This system makes it easier for the commercial team to take into account customer requests, and purchase history, so they can plan for future orders. This system is then integrated into the Distribution Planning System, enabling the Company to efficiently and effectively deliver the right quality - quantity of Petroleum and Basic Chemical products on time.

AKR also has an effective and easy mechanism for customers to report any complaints, criticisms and suggestions. The Company has developed a comprehensive online system to record and resolve customer complaints via a platform to accommodate customer complaints through the M-Files technology system. This system was designed based on customer needs, so that complaints can be facilitated easily, in a simple and informative manner. AKR’s customer complaint handling system workflow is as follows:

Customer complaints via e-mail, telephone or verbally are input into the M-Files technology system by the Customer Relationship Officer (CRO) in the respective branches. The complaints are then forwarded with an assignment to each PIC. The PIC will then follow up and update the assignment. On complaint resolution, the CRO will receive a notification.