Environtmental, Social & Governance

PT AKR Corporindo Tbk

Waste Management

If it is not managed properly, wastewater (effluent) originating from the Company’s operational activities has the potential to become a source of pollution and to damage the environment. In its business operations, AKR produces effluent from residual clean water, and other waste, both liquid and solid, B3 and non-B3. For waste management, the Company is committed to preventing land and water pollution due to waste disposal. What the Company has accomplished to date includes, allocating funds for wastewater disposal services, both at the parent company and subsidiaries. In 2020, the Company allocated a total amount of Rp1,310,565,379. This includes, but is not limited, environmental monitoring costs for primary reporting data for UKL, UPL, disposal of B3 waste and domestic waste, wastewater retribution, etc.

For domestic waste, the Company has allocated funds to pay for services to send the waste to landfills. In this case, the Company coordinates with the local governments in the operational areas. For Hazardous and Toxic Materials (B3) waste, AKR is committed to meeting the Government’s 2014 Regulation No. 101 concerning Management of Hazardous and Toxic Waste. Waste management takes place in Tank Terminal Lampung, Pontianak, Bitung, Tanjung Priok, Marunda II and Stagen. As B3 waste management has its own risks and hazards, the personnel used must have competency certification for B3 waste management.

With such management, in 2020, there were no reported spills of waste, chemicals, or other significant materials.