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Employee Training & Development

AKR supports sustainable employee competency development. Employee training is an important aspect in managing the Company’s human resources, as the Company would not be able to develop and adapt to changing times without the knowledge and provision provided. For this reason, AKR routinely conducts employee training and development aimed at developing the employees’ potential and quality. Taking into account the dynamics and challenges of an increasingly competitive business, AKR strives to provide the best training and development for all of our employees.

All AKR employees are given the same opportunity to participate in training and development programs, so as to produce a fair and inclusive working environment.

The AKR employees’ training program is determined by the relevant Head of Division and is then filtered down into a training matrix based on the function of each employee. This training matrix contains mandatory training programs developed internally, or external training programs held by third parties in collaboration with AKR.

The total number of training hours in 2022 was 42.528,5 hours for 1,926 participants with details shown in the following table:

AKR conducts performance appraisals based on the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) set at the beginning of the year for each individual, and the Company regularly monitors the achievement of these KPIs. In addition, the appraisal final results will be evaluated at the end of the year, and the performance results for each employee will be used to determine rewards, development, and training and retention programs.

The bi-annual performance assessments will be carried out through regular and routine monitoring by each superior against the set work targets. In the middle of the year, employee evaluations can be made on competency and potential. Regular evaluations are also carried out for employees on a probationary period, or on a contract, or while holding temporary positions. Routine evaluations at the directorate level are viewed from the overall business achievements, in terms of divisions and departments.

AKR provides equal opportunities for all employees to develop their careers, both vertical development (increase according to job level) and horizontal (increase in scale of responsibility, for example moving from a small branch to a large branch). The career development process is based on the of the Performance Evaluation results, which is an assessment of the KPI targets achievement.

Through the People Development Committee (PDC) process, employees also have the opportunity to express their expectations and career aspirations, and development programs needed. PDC will determine whether the employee being assessed can occupy a certain position vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or remain in the current position with the additional duties or projects in accordance with future career projections.

In addition, PDC can also determine succession planning as a continuation of human resources ongoing support for business continuity. Career development and employee placement are prioritized from within the Company (promotion from within).