Environtmental, Social & Governance

PT AKR Corporindo Tbk

Our Commitment

In line with the Company mission, AKR was born and established with a noble purpose. We want to grow and develop by adhering to one commitment, that the Company must provide maximum added value and benefits to all stakeholders. This commitment in its journey reflects the identity and spirit of the Company. Passion to grow and move forward together.

That spirit is what we bring in achieving sustainability. In our view, AKR’s success cannot be measured solely from business success alone. We believe that AKR will only be successful and move forward when its economic, social and environmental performance grows and we can walk together side by side. Sustainability commitment represents an ambition that can only be achieved through concrete, measurable actions. To make it happen, we need a directed long-term strategy and plan. While in practice, AKR must always ensure that what we manage today can truly provide sustainable benefits for all of our stakeholders, both for today, tomorrow and for the future.

AKR is committed to continuous sustainable development to create added value for all stakeholders. We want to grow and move forward with clear goals, plans, ambitions and targets. Through our sustainable business portfolio, from logistics and distribution, industrial estates, to the development and management of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), we aim to deliver benefits to the environment and to people, by touching millions of people.

This means we must go beyond business as usual. AKR needs to maximize its efforts to achieve a balance between business success and growth, with awareness of the environment and the progress in the surrounding communities. This is actually in line with AKR’s mission, where we look to optimizing our potential to build sustainable stakeholder value.

As a global corporate citizen, AKR also understands its position and role in supporting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A common goal the global community aspires to. This commitment also shows our support for the success of the Indonesian Government’s agenda in achieving Sustainable Development. As part of AKR’s sustainability commitment, currently, we have mapped the SDGs targets with the Company’s operational activities. In our view, this is the meaning of sustainability. Commitment with measurable ambitions, targets and goals, in line with economic, environmental and social performance. Our commitment starts with optimism and strong determination, for the sake of future sustainability. For us, being a sustainable company is a commitment that must be continuously strived for.