Environtmental, Social & Governance

PT AKR Corporindo Tbk

Local Employment & Recruitment

AKR always provides equal opportunities for Indonesian people to work and develop in all areas and positions in the Company. We also create employment opportunities by recruiting employees in the local areas where we operate, namely the communities around the Company’s operational areas (Ring-1), including senior management positions in the operating units.

The Company believes that opening up job opportunities for the surrounding communities will not only have a positive impact on the region and local communities, but will also support the Company’s business sustainability through:

  • Understanding of Local Culture: Our employees from the local community have a better understanding of the local culture, customs and traditions. They can help the Company navigate the local business environment, build relationships with local stakeholders, and communicate effectively with local customers.
  • Better Retention: Our employees from the local communities are more likely to stay in the job for the long term as they have strong ties to the communities.
  • Increasing Diversity and Inclusion: Local recruitment can help AKR create a more diverse and inclusive workforce, enabling the Company to gain a perspective and understanding of local wisdom, which can lead to increased innovation and creativity.
  • Positive Impact on Local Economies: Local recruitment can have a positive impact on the local economies. This will create job opportunities for individuals in communities, which in tune will help reduce unemployment rates and promote regional economic growth.

Overall, AKR believes that local recruitment will provide significant benefits for us, the communities, down to the individual level. It will help build strong relationships with local stakeholders, improve cost efficiencies, and create a more diverse and inclusive workforce. For this reason, we prioritize local recruitment, especially people who live close to or around our operational areas.