Environtmental, Social & Governance

PT AKR Corporindo Tbk

Non Discrimination & Equal Opportunities

AKR prioritizes the principles of non-discrimination and equal opportunities. We provide equal opportunities for everyone to work to develop their careers without discrimination and with impartiality. AKR and its subsidiaries have a fair and non-discriminatory employee remuneration policy. The Company does not discriminate between males and females, so our remuneration ratio is 1:1 for male and female employees. The remuneration we provide is determined through a series of processes that take into account competence, experience and performance achievements, and responsibilities.

AKR provides equal opportunities for everyone, both male and female, regardless of ethnicity, religion, race, class, gender, or physical condition to participate in the employee recruitment process. The appointment of candidates is based on the selection results, and evaluation results during the probation period, and the employee orientation. 

As AKR’s business is in supply chain logistics, and until now at the operational level is dominated by males, employed as terminal tank operators, ship crews, truck drivers and safety officers, thus the Company’s human resources composition is mostly filled by males. In 2022, the gender share at each management level was 57–100% male, and 13-43% female. This percentage shows AKR continuing to prioritize gender equality, especially in terms of those holding important positions in the Company.