Environtmental, Social & Governance

PT AKR Corporindo Tbk

Pillar of CSR Program

The CSR programs carried out by the Company have also focused on 3 pillars, namely education, health and community development.

AKR cares about the community and always strives to provide the added social value in the form of improving the quality of education, environmental development, and improving the quality of life for employees and communities around AKR.

AKR's role in community development continues to grow along with Company's growth every year. AKR always upholds social responsibility by organizing various programs in the fields of education, health, and community development. AKR has established relationships with a number of schools to provide scholarships to outstanding students who come from underprivileged families in the communities surrounding the Company. In addition, AKR also distributes scholarships for one year for the children of employees who excel in school.